Technical Section

The aim of this section is to compile technical information, particularly things that are specific to the Australian assembled cars to help owners in the restoration, repair and maintenance of their cars.

Javelin Model Identification

     Click on the link below for a  handy guide to help identify the different Javelin models
     thanks to the AMC Rambler Club of Australia
Javelin Model Identification

AMI Parts Manual Supplements

     AMI Pink Pages
     These are additional pages that were added as supplements to the AMC parts manual with 
     details of parts specific to the locally assembled cars. Although the part numbers
     themselves probably won't help much with a restoration, they are a great resourse to help
     identify parts that differ from the US models. These pages were pink in the original
     manuals for easy identification.
     Click on the links below to view the full sections, thanks to Colin Main for providing
1969 AMI Pink Pages for Javelin and AMX

1970 AMI Pink Pages for Javelin

AMI Paint Information

     AMI Paint Information
     As part of the local assembly process, the Australian assembled cars were also painted
     here with colours that were different to those used on US models.
     Click on the link below to view the local paint charts, thanks to Colin Main for providing
AMI Paint Information Page

Australian Suspension Information

     AMI Paint Information
     Many of the ront suspension ball joints and bushes are shared with the corresponding US
     model, however there are some differences, particularly relating to the steering components
     as you would expect with the conversion to right hand drive.
     Click on the link below for a very informative article written by Dave Tuck and originally
     published in the AMC Rambler Club of Australia newsletter. 
Australian Suspension Information Page

Seat Foam Replacement

     This is a DIY guide on how to make and replace the foam in your seats.
Seat Foam Replacement

1968 Javelin Wiring diagram

     This is a scan of the wiring diagram from the factory service manual.
1968 Javelin Wiring Diagram