AMI Paint Information

Australian assembled Ramblers were painted in colurs that were specific to local production and differed from the paints that were used on US models. The same range of coulurs was also used for other Australian Motor Industries products so you will find them on locally assembled Toyotas and Triumphs too.

1967-1968 AMI Paint Codes

1967-1968 AMI Colours 1967-1968 AMI Colours

The 1969 AMI colour chart shows what colours were available across all AMI products

1969 AMI Colours

The 1969 AMI Paint and Trim Combinations table then shows what colour and trim combinations could be ordered on the Javelin and AMX models, only limited combinations were available

1969 AMI Colours

1970 AMI Paint Codes

1970 AMI Colours

1971 AMI Paint Codes

1971 AMI Colours

1971 AMI Colour Guide

1971 AMI Colour Guide 1971 AMI Colour Guide 1971 AMI Colour Guide

1972 AMI Paint Codes

1972 AMI Colours

AMI cars would have had a sticker like this in the engine bay to indicate the factory colour.

Reproduction stickers and some other cool stuff for local AMI products is available through Totota Heritage

AMI Colour Sticker