28 December 2015

The Register Section has had another major update, the Javelin section has been split into 68-70 and 71-74 cars. The the 71-74 section has grown from 5 to 26 of the Australin built cars and now includes imported cars was well.

11 December 2015

The Register Section has had a major update, it has been split into seperate AMX and Javelin pages. The AMX section has a new layout and many new cars added, it now includes 15 of the 24 Australian built cars, take a look.

11 December 2015

Just wanted to let people know that the site email address has been down for the last few months without my knowldege, so appologies if you have sent something in and had it bounce back. It should be working again now.

3 December 2015

The Technical Section has has had an update with lots of new stuff, take a look.